Meet the Coach

Abisola Faronbi-Lynch | Dip.Coach | PGCert | BA (Hons) Health Studies


I am a Certified Youth Wellbeing & Confidence Coach. I specialise in Human Development using psychology and coaching skills.

My goal is to ensure NO child is written off as disabled or given labels such as 'Troubled' or 'Challenging Behaviour' due to gaps in their knowledge.


I aim to close the gaps by showing young people how to nurture their minds and emotions towards achieving greatness!

Abisola Faronbi-Lynch, Mental Health Coach Dublin
What's my story?

I went to a boarding school in Nigeria, West Africa, when I was just 7 years old. There, I learned to take practical support and personal responsibility.

By age 9, I started my first summer job, where I made and sold popcorn. I ‘literally’ got paid in popcorn!

I was the manager of one of my mother’s shops by the time I was 15. I took accountability and ownership as the Store Manager, where I supervised a store assistant.

At age 17, it was my final year in college. I was elected as a room captain. I was in charge of and led 30 students in my room for the whole academic year. We worked together in achieving our educational goals, and I assisted them with their daily functioning, self-management, and study skills. It was one of the happiest times of my life, and the moment I realised I enjoyed working with young people and wanted to pursue it as a career.

At age 19, I migrated from Nigeria to Leicester in the United Kingdom to study. I completed a Foundation University Study Course and progressed to Higher Education.


In 2008, I attained my Undergraduate Degree, a Bachelor of Honours in Health Studies, from De Montfort University. A year after achieving my undergraduate degree, I completed my Postgraduate Certificate in Personnel and Development. During my four-year full-time degree, I also worked part-time and volunteered within the community.


In 2011, I started to volunteer with the Somali Community Parents Association (SOCOPA) in Leicester. 

Other organisations I volunteered for include:


  • Leicestershire Cares: Conducting mock interviews for Secondary School Students.

  • Africa Centre Ireland: Implemented and delivered online informal wellbeing educational programmes.

  • AWARE: As a Life Skills Online Volunteer (Virtual Coach), I conveyed empathy, care, and understanding for individuals from diverse backgrounds experiencing mild to moderate depression living in Ireland.


In 2013, I joined the HR Operations team at Santander Bank PLC UK. I have over five years of experience working as an HR professional in supporting, connecting, and developing employees and people managers with an Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management.


I am a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) (Associate) and an active member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). I am also a certified Mental Health First Aider and a Mental Health Advocate.

In addition to my employment history, I work part-time as a Community Connector (Relief) at the Learning, Innovative, Networking within the Community (LINC) programme at WALK Intellectual Disability Limited. Also, I occasionally engage with the Youth Advocate Programme Ireland.

Becoming a Wellbeing Coach

In 2016, I was diagnosed with postnatal depression following the birth of my daughter.


I realised that I had been living and accomplishing my goals in the state of what I call:

‘My Brain SAID.’  S.A.I.D. = (Stress, Anxiety, Insecurity, and Doubt).

It took me about two years to recover from my mental health issues. Medication (anti-depressants), therapy sessions, and meditation partly worked. However, I lost my sense of being and doing. I fell apart and lost balance in the presence of my greatest joy (my daughter).

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In 2018, I had a breakthrough with self-coaching (self-help). I found the GOLDEN pass, an alternative and better way of living that helped me find the H.E.R.B.S. (Happiness, Energy, Resilience, Balance, and Self-Sufficiency) to live a healthy and fulfilling life. I realised that with all the knowledge I thought I had and the practical steps and actions I took to achieve my goals and change my situations, I still lacked the psychological and emotional ability to help me heal internally and think and feel better in coping with daily new challenges.

How Does Coaching Work?

What I discovered was mind-blowing. I have learned that circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions, and physiology are all linked.  I follow a simple and effective NO-NONSENSE and COMMON-SENSE approach to understanding what makes me a human being. I have also learned what is within my control and what is outside my control in:


  • Getting focused on clarifying who I am and what I believe in

  • Empowering myself to find alignment in my thoughts

  • Creating pleasant emotions in embracing my uniqueness (Brain-Mind & Body) in achieving further goals in life.

I wondered why this knowledge had not been shared with me as a young child. Furthermore, I vowed that my daughter would have a different and more pleasant experience nurturing her mind and emotional wellbeing. I pledge to be a GREAT parent, coach, and mentor to my daughter, helping her and other youths learn to adapt flexibly in the world.


I will show them how their BRILLIANT BRAINS work in developing the skills and attitude to become stronger, smarter, and wiser while finding calmness, clarity, and certainty in every day.

In 2019, I further studied to become a certified coach with a certificate in Training the Trainers. This has led me to my journey and courageous goal of being an effective coach and launching my coaching practice. I enjoy the process of learning and continually educate myself to develop my skills and practice daily attitudes towards strengthening my mind and emotions.

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