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Think Blog is our FREE KNOW-HOW section. An informative blog post, offering helpful questions and suggesting practical solutions. In addition to providing simple tools and tips on how young people can develop their self-belief skills in motivating themselves towards thinking, feeling, and acting GREAT, ultimately improving their wellbeing.

Whatever you do, action or inaction... Think


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Whatever you do (action or inaction) … Think Mind Emotional Nurturing.


A new day can bring about many challenges as well as opportunities. Encouraging yourself to take each day and small steps at a time is essential.

Wellbeing is not simply to get through ‘JUST‘ today or this Christmas and speed through the uncertain and disheartening year of COVID-19 2020.

Believing that in 2021 all your worries will suddenly disappear without taking persistent actions. The truth is that you still have your brain filled with thoughts that can help or hinder your actions towards improving your wellbeing.

Wellbeing is for life, not just for Christmas.

So, remember to #BREATHE!

Take a deep, slow breath from moment to moment. Stop and slow down the release of #stress hormones (#cortisol and #adrenaline) in your body.

  • Breathe, and #Reset your mind, body, and help your brain relax.

  • Breathe, and #Reassure yourself in #unlearning unhelpful thoughts/ feelings of #doubts and #insecurity.

Think Mind Emotional Nurturing

Pay #attention and think on purpose in identifying one helpful alternative thought to help you either start or continue to look after your wellbeing.

  • Breathe, and #Repeat the process - If you don’t believe this new thought yet, keep practicing, and act in ways to convinces you that you’ve got you.

If you knew that the first step in empowering yourself to enhance your wellbeing is to change your thought, what helpful thought would you practice today?

Do you want to learn more about spotting your negative thoughts?

Whatever you do (action or inaction) … Think Mind Emotional Nurturing.



While you are still here. ALIVE! Some of the thoughts of things that ‘didn’t kill you’ (your experience, actions, and the current circumstance left in) can leave you feeling bothered, insecure, and tired.

Take COVID 19, for example.

How are you doing today?

Yes! While some people have recovered, you are left feeling shattered. Realistically, a starting point is to ‘come back’ and bring yourself to a practical state of existence.

A state of being and then balance your being with your doing. Remember, ‘Doing’ here are intentional thinking ‘helpful thoughts.’

So, how do you do this?

Think Mind Emotional Nurturing

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Whatever you do (action or inaction), Think Mind Emotional Nurturing


“Things used to be simple back home. Even though it came with its struggle, it was struggles I knew how to maneuver. I was happy, very confident. I use to do what I wanted. But it all changed when I moved here. It’s hard to get anything. All I have is doubt. I have tried so many times to bring back my confidence, but I keep failing.”

Whether you moved from Africa to Europe, London to France, or Dublin East to Dublin West, yes, your environment might have changed, and the circumstances you find yourself might be different.

Do you know what else has changed?

Your ‘Thought!’

Changes in your thought affect your emotions and what you do. It is essential to pay attention to the way you think. Your thought will determine the results you get in your life. In accessing your thoughts to either uphold, alter, or delete a belief. You want to have an #unconditional and #compassionate relationship with yourself. You can do this by looking after your mental health every day.

Think Mind Emotional Nurturing

Every day is a mental health awareness day. Remember to do G.R.E.A.T things daily

G – #Give to yourself & help others

R – #Relationships: Bond with yourself & connect with others

E – #Exercise: Stay Active, Play & Eat Well

A – #Appreciate more be present and smile

T – #Teach and train your brain to #learn something new. Rest your brain; get enough sleep.

Practicing these is guaranteed to help you grow and stay mentally fit.

Do you want to learn to regain your confidence?

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