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Meet the Committee

Abi is the founder of Mind-Emotional Nurturing and serves as the
organisation’s chairperson. After earning a B.A. in Health Studies and a
postgraduate qualification in Human Resources and Personnel, an
Development. She developed and supported the wellbeing of employees
within a multinational corporation.

However, her passion lies in helping young people to better manage their
emotions and mental health. Thus, she completed a Certificate in Mental
Health (Building Resilience and Making Positive Change) to further pursue her

She is a nurturing, understanding, and non-judgmental change facilitator,
project manager, and behavioural specialist with over a decade of experience
working and volunteering with vulnerable and marginalised groups. Abi
provides practical, psychological, and emotional support for such individuals
here in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

She is a Certified Youth Wellbeing & Confidence Coach specialising in
Human Development, using psychology and coaching skills to empower
young people to adopt more positive and productive behaviours. Abi is also a
digital wellbeing consultant where she encourages young people to practice
positive behavioural habits in the often-challenging online world.


Abisola Faronbi-Lynch, Mental Health Coach Dublin - Mind Emotional Nurturing


Abisola Faronbi-Lynch

Secretary _ Lassane Ouedraogo - Mind Emotional Nurturing


Lassane Ouedraogo

Lassane was the chairperson of the Africa Solidarity Centre Ireland and currently serves as its secretary as well as being a key member of the organisation’s board of directors.

Lassane is an expert on migration, asylum, and refugee issues and plays a
prominent role in community participation. He graduated from DCU with a B.A.
(Hons) in International Relations and works with Trinity College Dublin’s Global Office as its University of Sanctuary Project Officer. Previously, he worked as an Academic Executive Officer with TCD’s Department of Computer Science.

His great passion for Human Rights issues led to him working with marginalised ethnic minorities in Ireland with European Human Rights Activists and NGOs; and with the African Diasporas where he is engaged in promoting equality by bridging the gap between those communities and policy makers.

He also served on other Boards, including the European Network of People of
African Descent (ENPAD), and has worked with the Irish Refugee Council and
Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI). For years, Lassane has been extremely
vocal about the difficult realities of living within the Irish reception system,
known as Direct Provision.


Carine is a journalist, author, AU/CIEFFA alumna, and Ambassador
for the #AFRICAEDUCATESHER Campaign in Francophone Africa. She also
acts as a focal point for the United Nations Migration Agency in Ireland, is a
member of the Advisory Committee of the County Clare Women's Network.

A Community Health Ambassador, and is an alumna of the emerging leadership program Common Purpose.

Carine is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and is known for her
determination in the fight against child rape in particular and gender-based
violence in general in Europe and Africa. Carine is a Gender Expert, Founder
of MEMA Group (WIHIA News, CAD Agency, CAD AID Foundation, CAD
Publishing), and Co-Founder of the agricultural company AGRIMAD SARL.


Carine Mambou - Mind Emotional Nurturing - Youth Wellbeing & Development Officer

Youth Wellbeing & Development Officer

 Carine Mambou

Patrick Lynch - Treasurer- Mind Emotional Nurturing


Patrick is a professional writer who graduated from the National
University of Ireland, Galway, with an M.A. in Literature and Publishing.


From there, he elected to use his skills to pursue a career in business and
marketing writing. Over the last 15 years, Patrick has helped countless
entrepreneurs meet their financial goals, whether through sales copy or
business plans.

He is also passionate about enabling young people to become acquainted
with their emotional intelligence and is proud to serve on the Mind-Emotional
Nurturing Committee. Patrick is dedicated to ensuring that future generations
have a better grasp of their mental health needs than previous ones.

As the company Treasurer, he aims to help the organisation attract funding via donations and grants. He is determined to help the group succeed through innovation, efficient use of funds, and trusted stewardship.

Patrick Lynch

Elizabeth is a highly resourceful person with a wealth of knowledge,
skills, and experience in project planning and execution, project proposal
writing, environment and climate change mitigation and adaptation, planning,
budgeting and accountability, stakeholder engagement, and training.

She is an environment and climate change specialist with 12+ years of
experience working on integrated programs: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene,
Health and Nutrition, Food Security and Livelihoods, Disaster Risk Reduction,
Climate Mitigation and Adaptation in collaboration with various organisations,
including Red Cross, Action Aid, and the Lutheran World Federation. The

latter provided her with wider, deep, and robust knowledge in initiating,
developing, and leading national and international projects with advocacy and lobbying aims.

Elizabeth worked with the Africa Solidarity Centre Ireland as a Programme
Manager and holds a B.A. Degree in Geography from Makerere University
and a Master of Science in Climate Change from Maynooth University. She
has also completed different high-level courses, including a Postgraduate
Diploma in Public Administration and Management, Project Cycle
Management & Lean Six Sigma -White Belt, Integrated Biodiversity, and
Climate Risk Management.

Programme and Event  Co-ordinator- Mind Emotional Nurturing

Programme and Event


Elizabeth Apolot 

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