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The GREAT Child Programme is a 4-12 week blended delivery (in-person and online course). Introducing young people (aged 13-18) to their brains, minds, and bodies. It is a scientific and evidence-based approach that teaches teenagers practical ways to nurture their minds and manage their emotions in achieving a GREAT day!

Between the ages of 3 and 7, most young people have developed 80-90 % of their

thinking brain.

Ask yourself;
"What can my child do with the 90% of their developed thinking brain?"

Mind & Emotions

We Believe that;


Your child is a young Human Being

Equally as worthy as anyone else

Your child is fallible and yet capable

Your child is NOT BROKEN

Your child is NOT DAMAGED

Your child is NOT DISTURBED

Your child is persuaded, encouraged, and sometimes pressured to learn in becoming resilient, independent and confident.


However, children are not taught and shown how to UNLEARN unhelpful messages they might have internalized within their environments.


These unhelpful beliefs can start to erode the trust they put in themselves & others, making it hard to find balance in every day.

This can lead to the onset of mental and emotional distress.

My Brain


Okay, maybe your child is concerned about something.

What do you expect your child to do if they have not been taught or shown the tools & techniques in effectively identifying and communicating their concerns?

'My Brain SAID' is what your child is thinking about a situation that might be causing them:

Stress, Anxiety, Insecurity & Doubts

All your child wants is to be able to regulate their thoughts & emotions in helping them feel and act GREAT.

"You alone cannot help your child manage their mind."
"Your child NEED to learn to manage their own mind."

Children are emotional learners.

Due to your child's brain development, they can develop the habit of 'solely' relying on the emotional part of the brain
(vital functions) while the thinking brain is still growing. When this part of the brain is overstimulated, it takes the thinking part of the brain offline, which can cause mind & emotional imbalance and behavioural problems.

Your child needs to learn the skills in bringing their thinking mind online. Unfortunately, this creative part of the brain cannot activate itself unless parents and guardians support their children in developing the thinking skills and attitudes in building emotional resilience.


So now, we have established that your child lacks the skills to balance their mind. Everyone has to learn.

The good news is that your child can start to unleash their act of GREATNESS straightaway by practising to:

  1. Unlearn the unhelpful thoughts their Brain S.A.I.D.
  2. Foster and nurture helpful & balanced thinking
  3. Build inner confidence in recreating the FIRST-AID RESPONSE in restoring their mind and emotional wellbeing.


This programme will introduce your child to their GREAT Human Brain.


Show your child how their brain-mind works (Neuroplasticity) and;


How to use it (both their Thinking & Emotional Minds) to work FOR them rather than against them.


What's Next... after the programme?

A child's brain-mind & body requires daily balance.


Helping your child get 'emotional closure' every day is a continuous learning process.


We offer the choice of:

  1. One-to-One | GREAT Confidence Coaching

  2. Group| Parental Support Workshop

Option one will help your child hone additional skills in enhancing their mind & emotional well-being.

Option two is a time and cost-effective Parental Support webinar helping parents be the ONE GOOD ADULT!

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