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The GREAT Parent is a 4-week mind-blowing online workshop. It enlightens parents on how to be GREAT to themselves and when supporting their children in nurturing and cultivating a strong-minded and emotionally stable GREAT child.

67% of youngsters aged 12-19 turn to their parents for informal support when experiencing a mind & emotional crisis.

Source: My World Survey 2 by The National Study of Youth Mental Health in Ireland



Mind & Emotions

As a nurturing and compassionate parent, giving your child the gift of learning to know their minds and emotions in reading themselves will only help them find and embrace their uniqueness. This, in turn, will help them lead a healthier & fulfilling life & become a great person.

"Aha Moments"

Here are examples of comments and questions explored by GREAT parents:

"I have been wondering where my happily blissful child had gone, now I know where."

"How come the same things that used to make my child happy don't anymore?"

"Its like all I hear are complaints; no matter how much I give, relate, exercise patience, take notice and teach doing the right things "

Be the
in your child's life

Empathize with your child.


Please find out how you can truly see your child through your own eyes in our 4 week parent workshop. It helps you:

Become a GREAT parent through firstly learning to Give Compassionately to yourself and ehnaning your mental health and wellbeing.


Relate -Non Judgementally with your child;

Engage Actively with your child and improve your relationship

Appreciate Mindfully in undertsanding your child and your child cooperating and bfinally;

Always have a GREAT starting point with your child through Teach Self-Acceptance


Parents will get the chance to learn simple, supportive ways to help their children maintain their well-being and get the best out of the program.


The workshop gives you the tips and tools needed to reach firmly and kindly for your child's hands when they need you the most.

One Good Adult
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