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Mind Emotional Nurturing | Being Capable | Balancing Your Being & Doing

Hello Doer,

How are you 'being' today?

In this blog, you will find out what you are capable of doing.

Doing, in this case, means intentional thinking.


Unbalanced Doing

This is when you believe your unhelpful thoughts about NOT being able to think about what you want to do and make decisions about the smalls steps to follow up.

Understandably, your ‘being mind’ is claiming you lack the skills to apply your human intelligence, the attention or opportunity required to learn, or do what you want. This part of your brain honestly doesn’t know. It perceives learning new skills as a threat, especially if the result is not immediate pleasure. It can be reactive, impatient, and wants a fast outcome.


What are you capable of doing (thinking) in finding your #HERBS to a healthy and fulfilling day?

Happiness, Energy, Resilience, Balance, Self-sufficiency


The Being Mind

Okay, maybe you lack individual skills for now, and you are willing to develop them. As a baby, you learned how to walk, a new language, and other things you had no idea you could do while your thinking brain (doing mind) was still developing.

In observing my daughter, it is clear that the ‘Being’ mode is the state you mostly were as a baby. What you did most of that time as a baby was listening, observing, and accepting your thoughts in the present moment. Not knowing the name or meaning for what you might be experiencing helps you to be open to learning and neutral about what it is that you were interested in learning while approaching them with curiosity. You paid attention and might have enjoyed the process while uncertain what the result would be. This gives you a feeling of courage and confidence without being judgemental about your potential.

Balancing Being and Doing

The ‘being mind’ is mostly used as a child, and as you start to learn to think (do). The ‘being mind' can learn and get used to taking shortcuts while the ‘doing mind’ is developing. Through this process, the being mind drives into doing mode, making judgments with no or little evidence. Most individuals develop the habit of unbalanced doing, which can make them FEEL like they are powerless about their thoughts, while believing their unhelpful thoughts, avoid learning new skills, and give up.

But thinking about it logically with the evidence that others can access helpful thoughts the majority of the time while experiencing pleasant emotions. YOU KNOW YOU CAN! There is so much a child can do with their developing ‘doing mind,’ and abundance of possibilities as adults, once the brain has fully developed.

Whatever you want to become, to be, or to do is created by your thought. Your thought creates your feeling and action. If you're going to ‘be able,’ ‘be talented,’ and ‘capable of possessing’ any useful and productive skills, in feeling the way you want, accessing and changing your thoughts; first you want to learn to ‘BE’ and then balance your being with your ‘doing.’

Do you want to learn to think and feel the way YOU want?



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