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Mind Emotional Nurturing | Being Forgiving | Balancing Your Being & Doing


It is simple! Your thoughts create your feelings and actions. And when you choose to dislike another ‘human being,’ you will feel disturbed. You have decided to consume yourself with the distasteful feeling of resentment, despair, and disgust. You create a psychological block that contributes to #stress, #anxiety, or even #depression.

How helpful are these unpleasant feelings?

‘Being forgiving' is one way to release these distasteful sensations that motivate acts of hostility.

Whatever you can do to discourage the spiteful solutions to issues that sometimes lead to battle has implications for the global human race now and in the future.

You owe it first to #forgive yourself and then forgive others.

It all starts from the inside. Your mind, your thought, your ‘doing.’

Think! Mind Emotional Nurturing

What is the first step you could take today in forgiving yourself?

  1. #ACEyourThoughts - Accept, Challenge and Exchange your unhelpful thoughts

  2. #Balancebeingdoing - Learn to Balance your #Being & #Doing

  3. Find your daily HERBS (Happiness, Energy, Resilience, Balance, Self-sufficiency)

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