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Mind Emotional Nurturing | The story you tell yourself | Balancing Your Being & Doing

Whatever you do (action or inaction), Think Mind Emotional Nurturing

I have lost count of how many times I have mentioned to family, friends, and even some of my clients this month ‘It’s the story you tell yourself.’ When they say things to disempower and limit their potentials. I sometimes fall into this trap due to the language I use, but I have developed the awareness to change any unhelpful #ACTs (#Anxiety Creating Thoughts)

Do you believe you cannot cope with the unhelpful negative thoughts you are experiencing and that they will never change?

Yes, in as much as it is sometimes impossible to control the thoughts that come into your mind. You have the ability to identify and modify them. Telling yourself that the unhelpful ACTs (Anxiety Creating Thoughts) are here to stay or acting #powerless, believing that you can do nothing to alter them is precisely the reality you are creating for yourself. Indeed, how the story you tell yourself affects your wellbeing.

Remember, your thought cause your feeling and action. It is time you start changing your story. You have a choice to think otherwise. Tell yourself the opposite of your unhelpful thought and keep repeating it until you start to believe it. On the other hand, find a middle ground, start with a more realistic and balanced alternative thought between your old unhelpful belief and the new one you want in improving your wellbeing.

Do you want to learn to identify and understand your thinking style?



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