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Family Conflict: My parents do not seem to understand me. How can I get them to trust me?

Family Conflict

Conflict is a normal part of the relationship between teenagers and their parents. For teenagers, it is an age of seeking independence and the desire to experiment with different lifestyles. It can be difficult for parents because they want to keep you safe. Realistically seeing the event from your parent’s perspectives and effectively communicating with them may be helpful.

How can I communicate with my parents more effectively?

Trust is one of the most important and first stages of building healthy relationships. Next time you disagree with your parents, you trust yourself to;

  1. Make a decision: Hold your urge to argue the matter. Stay calm.

  2. Talk and Explain: Ask your parents for their perspective on the matter.

  3. Relate non-judgementally: Try to understand what their concern is from a place of #love. When you understand their concerns, try to negotiate an agreement where you can get what you want while at the same time addressing their concerns.



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