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Getting Stressed Out by Social Media?

I cannot stay off social media even though it stresses me out. Why do I do this?

Young people need to learn how they relate to people, places, animals, and everything in general. This life skill helps you learn to be adventurous, open-minded, and know when to let things go.

Of course, we all need to connect with other people. This bond can create a feeling of trust and a bond of friendship and support in our relationships.

Phones and social media applications are designed to be addictive when used loosely. Many young people have feared being without a mobile device, “nomophobia.” And yes, social media can make it easy to network and connect with others. It still creates an unnatural force that can be unhelpful for young people. Not only that, it can be unsafe and attracts cyberbullies.

It also discourages adolescents from developing confidence in their communication skills. Adding to an intense fear of situations or talking to people.

For example, young people who rely on social media to connect with others can then feel awkward in face-to-face situations. Social media users often say things they would not say to a person’s face. This can create a feeling of stress and social anxiety, which is a well-being issue.

What can I do to stop feeling stressed out?

  • You have to believe you can survive with or without a mobile phone.

  • Limit your time on social media and spend more time with other people, friends, and families. Developing new interests and staying active can also help.



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