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Great Youth Wellbeing: Shyness

What can I do about my shyness?

There are several things to support shy teenagers in becoming more self-confident. If you want to overcome your shyness, it is first important to start "BEING" and stop "DOING" by judging yourself. Instead, start nurturing yourself from the inside out.


  1. Identifying those things that you like about yourself.

  2. Challenging the thoughts that you have about shyness.


  1. What makes you believe that you are shy? Are you shy all the time or only under certain circumstances?

  2. Is being shy necessarily a bad thing? Once feeling shy stops you from doing things you want and enjoy, this can bring about daily well-being issues.

  3. Is there anything positive about shyness?

These are examples of questions to ask yourself. You will gain confidence by focusing on those aspects of yourself you feel good about.



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