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Great Youth Wellbeing: Time Management

I have a busy life and feel stressed. What can I do?

Some young people spread themselves too thin with extracurricular activities. Because of this, their academics suffer. Parents are also adding more activities to their teenager's schedules with the belief that taking more responsibilities will help their little ones become successful in life.

The issue is parents are not teaching their kids how to manage their minds and time. This starts with helping young ones with their belief skills, having constraints, and learning to prioritize and make adjustments as needed.

For the academic side, learn to organize your approach to schoolwork to work more effectively. Being disciplined will make you feel more in control of the situation and less stressed. There will always be enough time to meet up with friends and play.

There are two questions that you need to ask yourself. Am I taking on more than I have time for, or am I not using my time wisely? Either way, you feel stressed because you are not being disciplined with your time. This is a well-being issue. Time management is a skill that needs to be developed in all youths.

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