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Great Youth Wellbeing: Why should I learn to accept what is happening in my life?

Acceptance: Isn’t that giving up on myself?

The term acceptance is frequently misunderstood. Learning to accept does not mean that you do not fight for what you want. Rather, it means accepting things as they are at this moment. Most young people develop the habit of resisting or denying what is happening at the moment, especially when it's creating negative emotions. Instead of denying reality and using a lot of mental energy, knowing the difference between helpful and unhelpful situations might help you decrease some of the adversity you find yourself in.

What can be crucial is learning to accept the emotions that surge due to the circumstances you may find yourself. You will lose trying to fight your emotions. Wanting to suppress or deny your emotions can lead to well-being issues. Learning to observe and accept what is happening in your life while being judgment-free can take you to a whole new level. You can then get curious about how you can improve the situation.



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