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How can a teenager bring awareness to their mind and emotional well-being?

How are young people supposed to look after their well-being when they don't know what they are looking for?

The first step for youngsters to look after their well-being is #awareness. Helping teenagers learn to bring #awareness to what they sense and how they act is the first step to understanding and making positive changes to their well-being.

As you are aware, the human experience of the world starts in mind as #thoughts. Therefore, adolescents need to learn to be curious about themselves and consider the following questions to identify their thinking patterns (positive, negative, or neutral) and know their minds. Think about this;

  1. Where do you start with your thoughts?

  2. Where do you end/conclude with your thoughts?

  3. How often do you intentionally engage and disengage from your thoughts?

Remember, no matter where you start or end with the way you think, this will create the emotions you feel in your body and the result of your action. A balanced state of well-being will require you to strive for a great beginning #agreatbeginning #thebeginnersmind.



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