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How to Deal with Rejection (Part 1)

How Can I avoid being rejected?

Adolescents can take rejection personally, especially when it comes to dating. There is no way to avoid being rejected because getting rejected is part of being human. Everyone gets rejected at some time or the other. It is an act of pushing something or someone away. If someone doesn’t want to;

  • Befriend, play or talk to you

  • Hang out, invite you to a gathering or club,

  • Add you to a social media page, or you are being told ‘NO’ in other situations.

It is not about you; it is about them. As your thought creates your feeling and action, so do theirs. If you cannot change the situation as it is outside your control, how about you try to change your thought about it? Repeatedly rejecting yourself and believing that you are “not good enough” or you are a ‘loser’ can kick in the strong negative emotions. Such as feelings of doubts, hurt, anger, anxiety, and great sadness. Now, that is a well-being issue. Through practicing self-acceptance, you can start to heal from the hurt experienced as a result of rejection.



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