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How to Deal with Rejection (Part 2)

If I get rejected, how should I handle it?

Some teenagers can seek to want to get back to anyone who says no to them which makes them feel rejected. This can in turn back fire and you feel worse. This act can also be known as revenge.

If you feel hurt because you were #rejected, it is important to address your feelings. Trying to blow it off or pretend that it does not matter will only cause problems for you later. When feeling rejected, you want to:

  1. Accept yourself and be honest with how you feel.

  2. Ask yourself what you are thinking and making someone else’s action mean about you.

  3. Are you also rejecting yourself? Teach self-acceptance.

  4. Share your feelings with others. Find someone you trust and share with them the facts of what happened and how you feel about it. And finally;

  5. Remove yourself from the situation and give some compassion. Note down three explanations of what else might have caused the other person to behave that way that has nothing to do with you.

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