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How to Handle Anger: How can I learn to control my anger?

There are different ways to manage anger. Try this!

  1. First, try to stop everything you are doing by focusing on your breath.

  2. Body Scan: Take a moment to notice the sensation of the feelings in your body.

  3. Name the feeling: Try to understand what you are thinking that is making you feel angry. If you are angry that your friend betrayed and treated you unfairly, for example, “I feel angry that my friend lied to me.”

  4. Make sure the feeling of anger subsides. Then restart from a #GREAT place.

  5. Identify exactly what happened. Remember to separate the facts from opinions

Different Responses to Anger

​Unhealthy Anger

Healthy Anger

You attacked your friend physically and verbally.

Deflect the anger by attacking other people, animals, or damaging things


Give compassion to yourself and your friend in finding balance.

Accept the emotions you experienced as a result of what happened.

If your friend is in the wrong, relate non-judgmentally by asserting yourself, and engage actively by communicating with your friend requesting for a behavioral change.

Reflect on the situation, what did you do to contribute, what have you learned, and what change will you make?



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