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Is mobile phone addiction common in Teenagers (Part 1)?

According, to one study, 50% of teenagers reported that they felt addicted to their phones. Another report mentioned that two-thirds (69%) of young people showing signs of phone addiction reported poor sleep quality. Sleep deprivation is considered a serious well-being issue once using a mobile phone starts to affect a child's sleep and learning ability negatively.

Is phone addiction like drug addiction?

Studies show that mobile phone users experience increased dopamine when receiving “likes” or positive messages. #Dopamine is a “feel good” chemical released by the brain. So, they repeatedly look at their phone, hoping to stimulate their emotional mind. This process can become a habit that can turn into an addiction. This same feeling could occur when certain drugs are taken.

One of the five ways of the mind and emotional nurturing is to actively exercise, eat, rest and sleep. Period!

All teenagers need adequate sleep to nurture their minds and emotional wellbeing.



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