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Is mobile phone addiction common in Teenagers (Part 2)?

What are the signs that your child might be addicted to their phone?

Some of the signs include:

  1. You are checking or using your phone throughout the day.

  2. You have a hard time being away from your phone.

  3. Sleeping problems.

  4. Your grades are dropping.

What can parents do to support their children in limiting mobile phone usage?

Parents can help out their children by rationing the use of mobile phones. This can be done by assigning rules for when mobile phones are used and unallowed. Examples of this would be:

  1. No mobile phones during feeding time or family time.

  2. Make mobile phone ownership contingent on school grades improving.

  3. Encourage your child to engage in other activities away from mobile.

What can Teenagers do to overcome phone addiction?

There's so much a parent can do to #support their children. Mind and emotional support are shared responsibilities, and your child's input matters the most. Teenagers must take part of the weight by learning some self-discipline. The ability to say ’NO’ to yourself in overcoming your weaknesses, such as limiting the time you spend on your mobile phone.



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