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Mind Emotional Nurturing| Believe in how you want things to BE for you| Balance your Being & Doing

Whatever you do (action or inaction) … Think Mind Emotional Nurturing.

Yes, I believe what will ‘BE’ will ‘BE.’ And yes, you can also contribute and influence some of ‘what’ and ‘how’ things will ‘BE’ (exist) for you using what is within your control (Thought, feeling and action).

Even though most situations might be outside your control and your way of ‘BEING’ is not passive. Where you wait, stop living, and expecting things to happen to you or for you.

Or you believe that your thoughts and emotions merely happen to you and you can do nothing to control them. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions are within your control and have led me to believe that you can do something to ‘BE’ and ‘DO.’

Think Mind Emotional Nurturing

A starting point to let yourself ‘BE’ is to (BE - LIVE) #BELIEVE it's possible;

  1. Spend some time to practice sitting through your thoughts and emotions in letting go of Unhelpful #ACTs (Anxiety Creating Thoughts).

  2. Unlearn the thoughts of #AIDs ( #Anxiety, #Insecurity, and #Doubts) through Balancing your Being and Doing and creating new ways of thinking in taking control and making new possibilities exist for you.

  3. Today, Practice Non-judgmental listening - Step back from your thoughts and just watching them. Notice how those emotions will harmlessly settle down.

Do you want to learn to stop your self-nagging, judgments, and criticisms?

Do you want to learn alternatives and more balanced beliefs in allowing your emotions and making things happen for you?



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