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Mind Emotional Nurturing | Where is your Starting Point? | Balance your Being & Doing

Whatever you do (action or inaction) … Think Mind Emotional Nurturing.


In most situations that you find yourself in life, some of which you might be aware will definitely happen. Such as;

  1. Giving, sharing, or taking from others

  2. Building relationships and connecting with yourself and others

  3. Staying active, eating, and sleeping

  4. Trying & learning something new, both pleasurable and achievable activities

  5. Being present with yourself, environment and taking notice of others and things around you.

What do you see happening when you think about these situations?

  • What story do you tell yourself about “the argument with your partner”?

  • How do you interpret “your mother’s phone call to you today”?

  • What meaning are you giving to “the job interview that you lost”?

  • What do you make “the flaws on your body” to ‘do’ with you or ‘be’ about you?

In most situations that you find yourself in life, where is your starting point? Is it


- Negative

+ Positive or

0 Neutral


An absolute positive or negative thinking can both be distorted. This leads you to experience a higher risk of unhealthy negative and unpleasant emotions and increased feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.

As children, you are mostly taught to see things in black & white. In addition to training your underdeveloped brain to start thinking towards an all-or-nothing style. Which can be harmful and unhelpful to your way of being and doing (both emotional wellbeing & overall functioning). For example, You either;

  • Like something, someone or dislike them

  • A failure or successful

  • Things are either going perfectly your way, or else it is a disaster.

Let me ask you again, in whatever situation you find yourself in life, where do you get off?

Mind reading, Fortune Telling or Catastrophizing?

Think Mind Emotional Nurturing

How about balanced thinking or being open-minded? Being observant and silence your mind. #ACEyourthoughts or watch your thoughts while processing your emotions - a place where no one emotion is overpowering another. You can think and pay attention to what is being and doing while feeling neutral, balanced, and undisturbed.

Do you want to learn to identify what is bothering?

Do you want to START with #calmness, #clarity, and #certainty?



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