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Mind Emotional Nurturing | The ABC Model | Balancing Your Being & Doing

What one thing could you do today in getting out of your way?

Have you suddenly realized that you are getting in your way, or has someone advised or suggested this to you? A starting point of getting out of your way is to change your thinking about what it is that you are obstructing. The ABC Model of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help you achieve this.

Do you know…

1. What exactly are you hindering yourself from achieving?

2. How are you stopping yourself from reaching your goals?

3. What are you currently doing or not doing?

The ABC Model

After identifying your goals, you want to determine the current thoughts, feelings & actions relating to this issue. It can be helpful to work out how to identifying your thoughts backward as your behaviour can seem more evident than the spotting your thought. So,

  • What habit are you currently involved in and want to change? This is usually an unhelpful behavior (action or inaction)

  • What feeling motivated that action (name the pleasant or unpleasant emotion)?

  • What are your thoughts behind the feeling (One thought at a time)?

Then, ACE your thoughts

  1. Accept the identified thought as just thought, an idea in your brain, or a situation that might have occurred, and you are looking to change your response in the future.

  2. Challenge the unhelpful thought once confirmed. You might want to get a pen and paper to write down your thoughts when you spot them.

  3. Exchange each thought with a more balanced, alternative thinking. If you are feeling lucky, you can try the opposite of your initial thought, and see how you feel.

Think Mind Emotional Nurturing

In every situation, you want to remember to apply the ABC cognitive-behavioral model. The idea that it is not external circumstances (what is existing or who is doing what) that cause your action. Instead, it is your thought about what is being and doing that makes you feel and act.

Do you want to understand what is happening to you (Your Current Situation in understanding your Thought, Feelings, and Actions)?



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