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What are the 5 Great Ways of Mind Emotional Nurturing?

According to Mental Health Ireland, most people, including parents and youths, apply the 5 ways of well-being and fails to reap the full benefits in improving their mental health and wellbeing.

The five great ways of mind emotional nurturing consist of evidence-based ways of improving well-being and happiness. The acronym GREAT takes further precise steps in helping young people and families understand and know exactly what to do when applying the ways of wellbeing in caring for themselves.

The Five GREAT Ways of Mind Emotional Nurturing
  1. Give Compassionately

  2. Relate Non-Judgementally

  3. Exercise Actively

  4. Appreciate Mindfully

  5. Teach Self-Acceptance

The daily practice of the five GREAT ways of the mind and emotional nurturing will enable young people to know their minds, build emotional resilience, and apply the #FirstAidResponse in finding #calmness, #clarity, & #certainty towards having a #GREATDAY!



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