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What is Uncertainty?


Uncertainty is the emotion that we experience when we are unsure. When we feel unsure about what the future will bring, we experience uncertainty. Covid-19 is creating uncertainty for many young people because it affects their lives.

Uncertainty can cause anxiety, anger, sadness, or depression. When you are uncertain, you may procrastinate and avoid decision-making.

What can I do when I feel uncertain?

You cannot control what the future will bring but can control how you respond to the situation.

A body scan is one way to relieve yourself from the feeling of anxiety quickly. Considering that you are truly in non-threatening and safe surroundings.

  • Take a slow deep breath and scan for your body's physical sensations.

  • Take your time to slow down and describe your feelings while checking in with thoughts and tuning into your body. Once you can identify the unhelpful thoughts, feel free to change them by finding alternative thoughts.

It is important to take action and do something within your control. This can allow you to start planning different options for yourself. Also, talk to trusted family about your situation to get feedback.

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