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Who has a Great Young Mind?

Do you Mind? ‘To Mind’ in this case is to ‘care enough.’ It appears that my young great mind students are mindless of their wellbeing. They believe it is solely their parents’ responsibility to care for all their well-being needs. When it comes to mind and emotional wellbeing, the individual, is the first to reap the reward of the way they think and feel regardless of the situation.

Who has a Great Young Mind?

A young person who is #willing and wise enough to pay close #attention and enough #care to learn while contributing daily towards strengthening their own mind and emotional wellbeing.

If you are #mindful enough to have this kind of attitude as a teenager, your reward will include;

  1. Producing the natural ways to increase positive energy #adoseaday #happybrainchemicals

  2. Finding leisure activities that provide you with a great sense of enjoyment

  3. Reaching significant goals that bring you a great sense of #purpose, #control, #achievement, and most importantly, well adapting to your world either at home, in school, or during your recreational time.

If you want to reach your greatest potential, start today by being #curious about your brilliant young brain. #madeforgreatness #selfcuriosity #loveyourbrain #selfcare #brilliantyoungbrain #greatyoungminds



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