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Worried About Someone? What Should You Do?

This is a question I got asked by one of my young students. “How can I tell if I should get help for a friend?”

These kinds of situations are difficult. It can be a very worrying and tough call for young people. There is no easy answer. Understand that, as a young person, you are learning to understand your mind and emotions, let alone a friend that might be suffering. Remember, do not worry alone and give yourself a break.

For example; If you believe your friend is struggling with a problem, but you do not want them to be mad at you for telling others about them, and you care about this person, it is better to risk your friendship if it means that your friend gets the help that they need.

How can I tell if they need help or if I am making it worse than it is?

Our minds can rationalize any situation or deny the existence of a problem. Trust your instincts and act towards what is within your control if you believe and agree to support your friend. It can be challenging and a big responsibility for a young person to deal with certain situations independently without the help of one good adult #onegoodadult.

Who should I talk to?

Get help for your friend by telling an adult who you trust. Consider talking to a teacher, a school counselor, a clergy member, or your parents.



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