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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a society where young people can CONFIDENTLY recreate the BALANCE in strengthening their minds and emotional wellbeing.

What issue is Mind Emotional Nurturing solving?

The everyday issue of young people's mental and emotional wounds.


Mental Health exists for everyone.

Caring for the mental and emotional wellbeing of you or your child is a daily (moment to moment) practice from an early stage.


Introducing your child to the part of their being responsible for their mental wellbeing is the first step in helping them ACCEPT the responsibility and willingness to administer the 'FIRST-AID RESPONSE' in balancing and strengthening their minds and emotional state, especially when it matters most.

Accepting Young

Mind & Emotions

"1 in 3 young people have

experienced mental health issues between

the ages of 11- 13 in Ireland."

Why take the chance?

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Our Mission


Our mission is to EMPOWER young people to care for their minds and emotions, ultimately achieving GREAT wellbeing.

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