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Mind Emotional Nurturin Family

Are you a supportive parent?

Do you want your child to think and feel genuinely GREAT?

Our GREAT Day Guarantee ...
GREAT Day- 5 Ways of Mind Emotional Nurturing

Our organisation, Mind Emotional Nurturing, operates on a non-profit basis. The health and happiness of parents and their young persons is our top concern. We are providing early preventative mental health interventions within the communities in Dublin. The goal is to influence youths' (13–17 years old) behavior and attitudes by practicing self-compassion and acceptance in strengthening their mental and social-emotional abilities. Both young person and their parents will be able to work together, learn to care for their minds and emotions, and build resilience towards greatness.

Through our G.R.E.A.T programs, we promise;


  1. The GREAT Child: Teens learn to care for (ME) minds and emotions in releasing their potential and becoming the GREAT child.

  2. The GREAT Parent: Parents learn to overcome emotional barriers to becoming the GREAT Parent.

Science-Based Programme
Lifelong Skills
G.R.E.A.T. Testimonials

I find it very helpful to learn the difference between what I think and how I am feeling. Now, I  know what to think when I feel sad to make me feel happy. I trust myself even more and that feels GREAT!

 It opened my eyes to new ways to bond and reconnect with my teenage daughters. I will definitely be signing both of them for the programme, and I strongly believe it will help do our family good.

I remember how much I enjoyed learning when I was little, and then I felt very confused that I wanted to drop out of secondary school because I thought I was dumb and didn’t know anything. Abi successfully encouraged me to reconnect with myself as I slowly built my confidence, which led me to apply for college. I now also believe my future looks bright.

Great Youngster
Shannon O.
Supportive Parent
Cian R.
Great Programme
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