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Great Youth Wellbeing: Concerned about your future?

The future is uncertain for everyone. When you are a teenager, this is especially true. One common quality of adolescence is self-doubt. Like any emotion, it is important to accept your feelings of self-doubt. Do not try to dismiss the feeling. Instead, get curious.

As you are ending the year 2022 and approaching the new year 2023, perhaps you could start;

  • Thinking about what you enjoy doing and what you are good at. These things are your strengths and talents.

  • Next, start exploring careers that utilize these things.

  • Also, consider the type of activity or business you could start where you are doing what you love.

Making a bunch of new year's resolutions and abandoning them would only create more worries and a lack of trust in yourself. Which is a well-being issue. But as you start planning your life path, your feelings of concern will be replaced with excitement creating the right state of mind to take massive action.

There's nothing to be anxious about. Say goodbye to 2022, and openly welcome and embrace the New Year of 2023!

You ARE the future.

Happy Holidays from Mind Emotional Nurturing!



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