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Great Youth Wellbeing: What can I do about my trust issues?

Think! Where is the trust issue coming from?

Learning to trust oneself is the best way to start resolving trust issues. This can be tough for many teenagers, and self-distrust is a youth well-being issue. It can be difficult to deal with, particularly for teenagers still discovering who they are (self-identity) and figuring out how to interact with friends, family, school, and romantic interests.

Adolescent years are full of changes and uncertainty, yes! A certain place to start is to begin by being compassionate to yourself. Reflect and accept yourself for who you are without judgement, allowing you to form a great bond with yourself. Then you can consider what values are essential to you and what boundaries you require to feel safe. This will help you gain trust in yourself and, eventually, in others. Have faith, young one. #faithfulyoungme



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